Report on "Storming" 2017

Storming the Hill, April 5 2017

On April 5, 2017 teams of 2 or 3 people from each of the 50 states will visit their Senators and Representatives on Capitol Hill. The teams will demonstrate strong grassroots support for MOAA's  most important legislative goals. This year the teams will urge Senators and Representatives  to (1) repeal the federal budget sequestration caps, and (2) extend SSIA (Special Survivor Indemnity Allowance) for 10 years.

The SSIA modest monthly rebate ($310 in 2017) is paid to SBP-DIC recipients who are eligible for DIC (Dependents Indemnity Compensation) which is paid only to survivors of veterans whose death is determined to have been caused by service. At present, DIC is subtracted from SBP when it should be paid in addition to SBP.  This subtraction is known as the SBP-DIC offset or the "widow's tax."

 The Colorado team will consist of Jim Sherman (COL Ret, USA), Sharon DeVaney, SSAC (Surviving Spouse Advisory Committee), and Jess Ramirez (COL, Ret, USAR). Col. Sherman is the President of the Colorado Council of Chapters. Col. Ramirez is a MOAA National Staff member. Other teams will consist of members of the MOAA Board of Directors, MOAA National Staff member, state council presidents, and members of the spouse advisory committees (Surviving Spouses and Currently Serving).

Frequently all members of MOAA will receive mail-in letters in the Monthly Officer Magazine or be asked to send emails to their Senators and Representatives. Please watch for these possible options and follow through.  At every national meeting, attendees have been reminded of the importance of these messages. For more information, visit the MOAA web site at

Submitted by Sharon A. DeVaney, Surviving Spouse Advisory Committee

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